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VOICEFLOW,a No-code platform that allows anyone to build voice app receives investment from AMAZON

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Voiceflow is a platform that allows anyone to build voice apps like Alexa without writing a single line of code.Recently,it has received investment in seed funding and support from Amazon.With this investment,the platform is set to expand at an accelerated pace.The platform uses drag and drop feature that allows users to visually create an app in minutes without coding.


This is great news to non-tech savvy people who do not know how to code as this means that the coding barrier has now been lifted off and they too can take part in app building.The best part is that the platform is very affordable. Starts at FREE-249USD per month.The pricing and features are as follows:



If you are just trying out the platform for the first time,you can opt for the free plan that enables you to build unlimited projects.The Professional plan allows you to collaborate in real time with up to 3 editors and the charge is 49USD per editor per month. In case you have a huge team ,then the TEAM plan(249USD per editor per month) would be ideal to you as you will be able to have access to everything in the Professional plan plus work with up to 10 editors and have dedicated support.

So far,the platform has more than 7,500 customers who have published at least 250 apps.Voiceflow works with a team of over 20,000+ of professionals creating for voice

To get started on Voice flow,you can sign up for free at The world can't wait to see what you create.Please leave a comment and share your thoughts about your experience on the platform.

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