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Amazing way to easily build an app from a Spreadsheet in minutes without code, using GLIDE

Updated: Jan 5, 2020


Glide is one of the no-code platforms you can use to build an app visually without code.You do this by filling data in a spreadsheet then connecting your google account to Glide in order to allow Glide access to your google drive.Once this is done,glide generates your data and interprets it into an app.Easy peazy right?

Glide allows you to create web-based apps.This means that once your app is created,you get a link that you can access the app from your browser instead of downloading it from the usual app store or google store.Glide also has the option of you publishing your app on the ios store or google store if you want.The great thing about this platform is that it has ready to use templates that you can use as a reference point by copying then customizing.


The platform is easy to use and budget friendly as well.Which is something a look for when choosing a no-code platform.

You can get started by visiting

Let me know how the platform works for you.Want to know how to easily create apps without wring a single line of code,click the link below to find out more.

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